Thursday, 2 June 2011

“Gasoline Alley”

Chris & Carol shared with us a fabulous photographer’s gold mine of picture opportunities.  It is called “Gasoline Alley” and frankly it defies description.  You simply have to see it to believe it really exists.  Gasoline Alley is located on the road between Santa Fe and Taos. 
We departed Santa Fe in mixed sunlight but remained optimistic that we would have good light at higher elevations.  After all, we are in New Mexico.  As we gained altitude the skies became darker and darker, but the sheer force of Carol’s will parted the clouds each time we stopped.  When we arrived at Gasoline Alley, the sun popped out and so did our cameras and our questions.  What focal length, spot or center weighted averaged metering, and how in the heck do you get an overview of this place?
The proprietor was a pleasant fellow who enjoyed our interest, calmly leaned against one of his many treasures and chuckled as each of us made our own discoveries, recalling images from our past and drilling in on new images for the future.   
The following pictures are a small sample of how Elena and I saw Gasoline Alley.  We simply couldn’t agree on what frames best captured the spirit of the place, this is a place that speaks to each person individually.  Hope you enjoy our interpretations of “Gasoline Alley.”
Brass Bed

Hey stranger, can you spare a cup of joe

New Mexico Route 66 Sign at Gasoline Alley

Old wire insulators at gasoline alley

Saw collection at gasoline alley


  1. You definitely garnered some interesting shots.

  2. What? The "sheer force of Carol's will parted the clouds"? Ha! I can't even keep my cat off the kitchen counter! But wasn't it funny how it rained when we didn't care and cleared up when we did? I was hoping I'd see some of your insulator photos, and you didn't disappoint. Love, love, love the car shot. Love it. --Carol Leigh

  3. Hey! A cat is beyond "forces of nature." You did your magic in the mountainousness wilds of New Mexico.

    I agree, Elena's car shot is just "fab!"