Monday, 30 May 2011

First light and shadow

The first day of Photo Exploration started early in the morning at the historic Plaza, where we tried to catch the first light and shadows of the day. Integrating light and shadow was for me a new approach to visualizing a photograph. Not that I'm a "sun to my back and blast away photographer"' but my attitude toward shadows was to avoid them when possible.

It seeems like we posted a lot of pictures in this post, but hey! It is Santa Fe and you should see the other 600 shots I took. Stay tuned, I plan on sharing more, but not all of the Santa Fe magic.


  1. My brother lived in Santa Fe for almost 20 years. I know it well. Your photos are breaking my heart they are so perfect.

  2. Thank you Sharon!
    I hope my photos brought good memories.

  3. Very good memories. Of a very beautiful place. That I didn't realize I was missing so much! Thank you.