Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bumble and Bumble

Santa Fe really is a marvelous place. The very nature of the light, the cultural differences, the architecture and its history forces you to change gears and really look at all of your surroundings.
Elena and I had the good fortune to attend Carol Leigh’s Photo Exploration course. Under her tutelage, we expanded our vision and were exposed to many new techniques that will, in time, produce more interesting interpretations of our images.
Right now, my mind is exploding with ideas, my hard drive is “busting a gut” with pictures taken during our time with Carol. Until I wrap my mind around all that I learned, I elect to name this exercise…

Santa Fe is a location where a business name/sign fits every thought. So, hopefully, I may share with you, my impressions, my photographs and my growth in photography without being the horrible uncle we all had with the 500 slideshow of his Luxembourg tour.
Elena’s posts will be far more beautiful for she is the artist…I’m the technician. Our goal is to show you how Carol has nurtured our skills to see life’s images in our respective skill sets.
We drove to Santa Fe arriving a little over a day before the class was scheduled to commence. We arrived late in the day, but there was a chance to chase the light for a few images before we unpacked and settled in for the night. On the historic central Plaza you can take a picture for every step. The 1st step for me was the sculpture garden of a gallery just a block off the square. The light was dramatic giving me an opportunity to bolster my confidence.

Wow! 1st frame and I know why I love Santa Fe. Creativity oozes out of every pore, all I have to do is not disrespect the artist while developing my “photographer’s eye.”
Now the light is going fast and I need at least one more picture to know that I’m “in the zone.” What else gives Santa Fe a solid reputation? Why chili of course! As the sign says, “We’ve got the Hots for you!” I’m in heaven, green chili, good light and the company of Elena plus fellow students.

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  1. O.K. Russ! I am always ready for a 'shot' of Sante Fe. Two here - and you've caught the mood of the town perfectly: Art & Outrageously Good Food. I envy you and Elena, it's been too long since I've been to Sante Fe. Now I'm missing it Big Time. SO get a move on, get those images sorted and share. I love those 500 slide show things...and Sante Fe.

    Hope you both are having a wonderful long weekend.