Saturday, 14 May 2011

Crusade # 51

This month challenge was to make a page about our home.
Here is my take at this challenge. The left part contains the image of “Stalin style” high rise building in Moscow (I was born in this city) and our present house altered in Photoshop.

I also have an announcement to make. Marie Otero offers several online digital manipulation classes, check them out:
Join her blog and leave a comment to win a place in the Class of your choosing.
My very first class on digital manipulation was Marie’s Digital Magic class, after taking it I have no fear of Photoshop. Marie was ALWAYS there to make every step easy and clear. If I were a lucky winner my next class would be Digital Journal. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Elena - you've come a long way....from Moscow to Dallas. I appreciate learning that about you. And it sounds like you've come a long way in photoshop too :) Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. These are interesting... What are you making? Are they a kind of cookie, or is it tortellini?
    I did sign up to win one of Marie's classes! They look interesting, don't they?

    Thanks for playing!

  3. Thank you Michelle and Chris!
    Chris, these are dumplings (or pel'meni in Russian). I hope you'll love Marie's class, it is impossible not to.

  4. Great layouts! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Russian dumplings? Yum! Thanks for sharing about where you grew up Elena.

  6. I love your detailed pages....

    thanks for tip ...... i could use some digital magic :)


  7. I love the colors in your home collages! These look so happy and free. Best wishes from a Crusader in Germany, tj

  8. It seems you have traveled far--from Moscow to Dallas, from blue to red, from not knowing to knowing (whether photoshop or making those yummy dumplings!) That's the best kind of travel--from home to home!