Friday, 27 January 2012

Elena & Russ were out on a date

Yes folks, we went out and did two things.  First we visited the Mercantile Coffee Shop for the opening of Liz London’s creative works.  If you get a chance, swing by, have a coffee and check out Liz London’s really cool works.  If you can’t get by before February 12th, visit her gallery at If you do get a chance to visit, look for a piece titled, “Automatic Recall.” 

Since it was opening night, Ms London was present which was a delight for Elena.  Liz was one of Elena’s first Dallas based art mentors.  

Liz London and her work

Then we swung by the DMA to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit.  Man what a crowd!  Man what an exhibit!  The exhibit is beautifully staged and the exhibits are exquisite &mind blowing.  I enjoyed watching the other attendee’s reactions as they moved from room to room.  Now I have to do some research to see if it was Gaultier who was responsible for the amazing mannequins.  I’ve never seen anything like them but then I have led a sheltered life.  This exhibit ends February 12th also.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Classic cars

Elena found this wonderful location that restores and sells classic and customized cars.  We had some time and decided to visit the place to discover the challenges of photographic reflective surfaces such as cars. 

We learned rather quickly that challenges were a bit of an understatement. We ran into hot spots, color casts, reflections of the camera or worse…the photographer.  Detailed pictures revealed dust, paint chips and those damn reflections.  Overview pictures revealed cluttered backgrounds, unflattering juxtapositions, emphasized our location was in landscape bowl. 

Elena truly created lemonade from lemons and I made a gin & tonic. 

Coupe de Ville badge

Really cool pin striping

Heat sink

VW Beetle running light

What happened to “Don’t mess with Texas”?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Art of Numbers

Most of my life as a scientist, the job of numbers was to measure subtle changes in our theories.  I never gave much thought to the symbol itself. Numbers were written with little thought other than what is represented. I never took the time to think, “Wow, those numbers are pretty.”
Now that I’m exploring the creative side of expression, I see the beauty in numbers. Sometimes a number is a flowing image with flourishes and color, other times it is ultra modern in its monochromatic simplicity.  All the time, it still represents a finite value….Marvelous!  Maybe even “Cool!”
Numbers are recognized everywhere.  Do we ever stop to think about how many different ways numbers impact our lives? Perhaps the thought of “stop and think about a number” will be the artistic equivalent to “stop and smell the roses.” 
Recently Tonya Davenport from CREATE MIXED MEDIA blog invited mixed media artists to create seven days’ worth of numbers sets for the project “The Week as Art”. I was honored to participate in this project on the week of January 15-21.
My numbers are photomontages created in Photoshop. I use my photographs as the ingredients for photomontages. Numbers and letters are my special interest, I photograph them a lot. As for backgrounds and textures, I often photograph things that the majority of people in their right mind would never consider noticing (pieces of paper, scratches on metal, paint splotches etc.). I love the process of building my photomontages by layering and blending together all the pieces until I get the desired result.

Here are the numbers for this week.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


As I become more involved into photography, I thought this is the right time to make an inventory of my shots to learn what and why I’m photographing more often.
The first object that comes to mind is a door. The door is a well-known symbol of opening, passage from one state or world to another, entrance to new life and liberation. I see doors as objects with a lot of character – they tell a story, keep secrets, invite you to open them to find what’s behind them.
Warehouse close to Farmers Market, Santa Fe, NM

Art Gallery, Madrid, NM

Downtown, Santa Fe, NM

These two doors are from Cedars - a district in Dallas, TX
emerging as a new home for artists

And if the door is a symbol of opportunity, I believe that there are:

You may see the whole Door Collection here:

Friday, 6 January 2012

Just our little mistake!

We ran across a bunch of duplicate Picasa files and deleted them.  Oops, that was the photo database for our blog.  We are working on the restoration and hope to be back to 100% soon.