Saturday, 21 January 2012

Classic cars

Elena found this wonderful location that restores and sells classic and customized cars.  We had some time and decided to visit the place to discover the challenges of photographic reflective surfaces such as cars. 

We learned rather quickly that challenges were a bit of an understatement. We ran into hot spots, color casts, reflections of the camera or worse…the photographer.  Detailed pictures revealed dust, paint chips and those damn reflections.  Overview pictures revealed cluttered backgrounds, unflattering juxtapositions, emphasized our location was in landscape bowl. 

Elena truly created lemonade from lemons and I made a gin & tonic. 

Coupe de Ville badge

Really cool pin striping

Heat sink

VW Beetle running light

What happened to “Don’t mess with Texas”?


  1. Russ, love the VW Bug light. Especially appreciate the reflection in the paint. Well done.

    1. Carol, Thanks for the encouragement. This outing would have been a total disappointment had it not been for your classes. There simply wasn't an overview shot but by moving in and taking on the challenges of detail shots, we had fun and came up with some shots.

  2. Maybe it did take a lot to get here, but these are all very cool!

    1. Sharon,
      Thanks for the kind words. We had a good time doing this.