Monday, 6 June 2011

Santa Fe, Jackalope, Frida

This photomontage is composed from images taken around Santa Fe this May.


  1. Oooh, very well done! I especially like the color combination of purple, blue, turquoise, and yellow/orange. Quite striking, Elena. --Carol Leigh

  2. Hello Elena, I've been admiring this piece. I am intrigued with the process. It looks very much like a non-silver process I used to love from the days before digital. I am assuming it's not. I love your use of geometrics with flowers. Very nice piece.

    And did you love Jackalope? Were the prairie dogs out?

  3. Thank you Sharon!
    This piece is totally digital. I combined many layers in Photoshop.
    Jackalope is an awesome place, and prairie dogs are still there, we spent some time with Russ watching them.