Sunday, 30 January 2011

Life Cycles…

Yesterday was one of those unique Texas January days where the temperature was a moderate 70 degrees. Since an ice storm with temperatures in the teens is predicted for this coming Tuesday, we elected to go on a photo safari rather than do some yard work. Not really a difficult decision.

One of our favorite destinations is the little town of Pilot Point. In just under a hour drive, you can turn your watch back 100 years and be totally in sync. What makes the drive really interesting is the coexistence of the shattered dreams of history with the new prosperity found in North Texas.

This time we focused on a road from the community of Celina to Pilot Point. Photo opportunities presented themselves over every hill and around every curve. Over the next few days, we hope to share our interpretative vision from this journey.

Walking just a few feet, Elena captured bicycling through the decades. While photographing an abandoned 1950’s style bicycle, she looked up to see someone going down the road with the latest gear. The tricycle was found in a little cafe down the road. Thus the title, Life Cycles.

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