Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Favorite Pilot Point Landmark

The joy of a photo outing in addition to the pictures you create, is the people you meet. This outing would make our Top Ten List.

The Farmers & Merchants bank building, a photogenic landmark in the town square of Pilot Point has been a favorite of ours. This HDR rendering of the exterior captures the spirit of this vibrant building that has morphed into an art gallery owned and operated by Wes Miller.

As we approached the bank/gallery, Wes was at the door to meet and great us. Probably just a coincidence, but as we got to know Wes, this would be consistent with the quality of this fine gentleman.

The bank went out of business during the great depression. You would have to check with Wes, but I think he said that there was just one owner of the bank from the time it closed until he purchased over 30 years ago. Wes has spent the time well. The interior of the bank is a visual feast from the architecture to the gallery hangings and the mixture of really fun antiques.


  1. I particularly like the HDR treatment of the bank's interior -- the technique is well done and it's SO appropriate for the subject matter. Love that one. --Carol Leigh

  2. HDR is a process often overused. I lucked out on this one. Thanks for the kind words.