Sunday, 9 January 2011

Snow Day

As a school kid, this meant a day off from school. Once you knew the school buses were not running, after farm chores, I would explore the pastures and forest with my camera. I loved the cleanliness of it all. Often the only sound would be the occasional sound of a tree borne snow drift falling to the ground. There is also a special sound when snow is crushed beneath your boot.

As an adult, a snow day presents nothing but questions. Do you risk driving to work? Do you shovel the snow from the sidewalk or let it melt? Sadly, living in a city, you just don't find pristine beauty in fresh fallen snow. Instead, you find grit, soot, salt & sand.

Still, you venture out because you have a camera, a wonderful wife who also has a camera and the desire to share or capture the youthful experience of pristine memories. Today we found some interesting bits of ice in the foliage.

In Russia, snow days simply don't exist. Schools, factories and business don't let snow impact their operations (wussie Amerikantsy).


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