Saturday, 22 January 2011

Happy Birthday to our dear friend Oleg!!!

In our society we tend to use the term “dear friend” casually. Often we refer to a mere acquaintance as a dear friend, sometimes diminishing the importance of true dear friends. In this case, Oleg is a “true blue” “dear friend.”
Oleg is the type of friend that never lets your brandy snifter run dry and politely listens to the insipid conversation that the brandy stimulates.
Oleg has a smile so sincere, that it brightens a room with warmth rather than that cold blue white of bleached teeth.
Oleg is a real man who runs daily and eats correctly. He is master of the gas grill and an inventive cook.
Oleg is a meritorious scientist with an enormous curiosity and the confidence to say “Wow, I didn’t know that.”
Science has taken Oleg to California but those of us remaining in the Texas community will raise our glasses high today and say, “Happy Birthday, Oleg. We love you and miss you.”

1 comment:

  1. Happy B-day Oleg!
    Your Californian friends joining your Texan friends, raising glass of Californian wine with love as big as Texas!