Saturday, 19 November 2011

We've got mail

Yesterday Laika and Julio got a package from Abby*. It was a very pleasant surprise – the package contained treats for dogs which were shared fairly, and toys which Laika doesn’t want to share with anyone. The dogs are sending hugs and kisses to Abby.

*Abby is the mysterious Carol L. cat, who knows how to turn on a printer, writes nice notes, knows the way to dog’s heart and, obviously, is familiar with Japanese calligraphy. She used a piece of fancy Japanese paper to wrap the gift.

Laika and Julio thank you for being such a good friend.

Laika’s personal goal is to train Elena & Russ as well as Abby has trained Carol. 


  1. So sweet of Abby. She is definitely a mysterious cat! Great photos of Laika. She seems perfectly at home and loving it. It's good to have personal goals. I think Laika is well on her way to achieving hers!!!

  2. Very funny post! And terrific photos of Laika. Gotta love those ears.

    I had Abby out front yesterday on a leash (Abby was wearing the leash, not I) and a woman walked past. "Is that a dog?" Abby huffed and turned her back. Apparently being mistaken for a dog is the ultimate in feline insults.

    Glad the dogs liked the toys. We're working on Abby's spelling skills . . .

    Carol Leigh