Thursday, 10 November 2011

Photography: An Early Social Media

For us, the seldom discussed blessing of spending time in new places, taking pictures of subjects different to our routine is meeting the indigenous people to these locations.  We find people everywhere friendly, open and engaging.  Who knows what they may have thought of us, with our cameras hung around our neck, dragging all sorts of gear, poking our noses into their workplaces, alleys, and landmarks at all hours of the day and night. 

Without exception, a smile and a reassurance that we aren’t as crazy as we look, gets a smile in return with a conversation directing us to something we may be interested in photographing.  We have been directed to many photogenic opportunities in this fashion.

We found coastal Oregon both familiar as our favorite pair of socks and as foreign as a jungle village in Central America.  The 1st oddity encountered was that you cannot pump your own gas in Oregon.  No one seems to know why but it’s the law.  This presents a location with 2 or 3 employees where you would expect only one.  One to take your credit card, one to pump gas and without exception, you found someone who had time to talk.  Several good leads came from gas stations.

Next, we learned that the folks in Oregon love their coffee just as much as the people in Washington state.  Coffee kiosks, bars and houses are found everywhere.  Elena was in heaven.  Strong, aromatic and hot; easily attainable at all hours of the day.  Unfortunately, these folks were too busy to talk.

We digress, most interesting to us, were the hard working, under difficult conditions but seemingly always in great humor are the fishermen of the central coast. These gentlemen are sailors in the greatest tradition.  Many have worked out ports all over the world and have fabulous experiences to share.  Most interesting to us was how many of these adventures play out in their faces and domineer. 

Here are a few photographic captures of those moments.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the time spent, “on the waterfront.”
Class participants
Ira& Carol: Carol, “our fearless leader” and Ira sharing wisdom. Ira looks like he came from a casting call for “The Old Man & The Sea.” A perfect look for that day.

Deep water fisherman and his dog: You just know they have stories to tell.

Eldrid Hamrich & friend:  A sense of humor, warmth and hard work.

Haming it up: Eldrid demonstrating “shared labor procedures”
Fresh tuna every day.
Fresh Tuna: A cool dude…he had me wait until he found the perfect fish

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