Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Look what Followed Us Home

Just a few yards from our door is the Kiowa trail.  We walk this everyday (well at least 5 days a week.)  This is the trail populated by birds, critters including bobcats, and thanks to a couple of civic minded citizens, wonderful displays of wildflowers.

About 4 weeks ago, we were greeted by a new critter, a beautiful puppy with no ID and a huge personality.  It followed us for some distance and then did a 180.  We shrugged and figured it had its bearings and was returning home.  Elena looked back to see this sweet little girl in traffic and looking very scared.  Fortunately, she got out of the street and we walked on….

Russ, “I think that puppy was abandoned!” 

Elena, “She was so beautiful!”

Russ, “We really shouldn’t take on the responsibility of another dog.”

Elena, “We had 2 dogs and did just fine.”

Russ, “When we get home, lets go back with the car and see if she is still loose.”

Elena, “Good Idea!”  “This is for her own good.”

Russ, “We will make an effort to find her home.”

Elena, “Yep”

So we went back with the car and no doggie.  Okay, no doggie but we roamed around driving  very slow and looking very intently.  Just as we were about to give up, a lady flagged us down and asked if we lost a dog.  We said no, but we were worried about a dog that may have been abandoned.  It came to pass that the lady captured the puppy to get it out of the street but she had a large dog and really was looking for someone to take it off her hands.  Being good citizens, we volunteered.

We made a genuine effort to find the puppy’s proper home.  After a couple weeks, we declared her an orphan and adopted her.  Her name is now Laika.  She is a mixed breed and it appears that she took the best genes from her mixed bloodlines.  We suspect that she has papillon, corgi and daschund genes.

Now we take two walks a day.  One for ourselves and the other for Laika and Julio, our mix of chihuahua and pekingese - the world’s ugliest dog.  So we have the added health benefit of walking 2.5 miles a day while really enjoying the newest addition to the family.

Here are few family photos of our gang.


  1. My favorite post of the day! So heartwarming. Who could not love Laika? She's got the craziest, best doggie ears and such a sweet face. And Julio is adorable. He appears to be a deep thinker.

    Good people - all four of you! And also the lady who got Laika out of harms way.

  2. Thank you Sharon,
    You are right, Laika can get away with almost anything, thanks to her cute look. Even Julio formed some kind of bond with her, though he is not very social.

  3. I think Laika will be the most thankful of us all today! Thanks for sharing :-)