Thursday, 20 October 2011

Tuna head

During our “Photo Exploration” workshop, each afternoon we would meet at Carol’s house for a show & tell of the days photographs.  One afternoon, Ira presented his GEORGEOUS SHOT of a Tuna head.  His picture was perfect at so many levels, perfect color pallet of purple/grayish on a yellow background.  Great composition and focus.  Just so perfect that I almost started to bite my elbows…how could I miss this great opportunity?  We were shooting as a group, Ira saw a shot that escaped us all.
The next day, I wanted to get a great fish head shot.  Well I got a shot but it wasn’t quite what I envisioned. 

 I went back to the previous day and I sorted my pictures from fishing dock, clearly my focus was not on tuna’s heads. 

But wait a minute, what if I extract the tuna head from this picture and apply some photomontage magic.
Here you go, a couple hours later I have my dream shot: