Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Lighthouses like reflections are probably the most photograph objects near water.  That being said, there is still a romantic notion, a sense of history and adventure associated with these wonderful landmarks along the Oregon coast. 
Our photo workshop location was strategic to 3 of these landmarks which gave ample opportunity to test our compositional chops on these familiar landmarks.
Unfortunately, the Heceta Head lighthouse was closed for renovation.  We were still able to shoot from a distance, across the bay to get some “overviews” of this historic landmark.
Heceta Head lighthouse
We managed to get up close and personal with the Yaquina Head lighthouse.  What a treat!  A classic lighthouse design open to the public and the weather was perfect.  The only “fly in the ointment” a colloquial phrase that was so literally appropriate, was that hundreds of flies that saw us photographers and tourists as interlopers to their territory and were quite aggressive.  When I say aggressive, in your mind’s eye think of insects that would grab your tripod and bang you over the head with it.  So the pictures you see came from the blood and sweat of your intrepid team who would not be deterred from getting that one special shot.

We also visited the Yaquina Bay lighthouse but it required climbing a bunch of steps and after giving up so much blood, none of us were up to the climb.  Besides, no one could assure us that the flies didn’t follow us.  Nasty little buggers!

Yaquina Bay lighthouse

It was still a thrill to see these wonderful buildings and to spend additional hours exploring coastal Newport, Oregon.  Using the time we didn’t use climbing to the lighthouse, we explored portions of Newport and found wonderful murals all along the waterfront near the bridge.  Check our blog in a few days, murals are next on the agenda.


  1. Yes, these all speak the language of 'Lighthouse'. I'm particularly fond of the second photo here. It gives the proper weight to just how important these structures are. And the picket fence! Do all lighthouses have a picket fence? Sure seems so. Funny to me in some kind of way. I wonder what purpose it serves? Maybe something to hold on to when the fierce winds blow! Elena, I've seen lots of Lighthouses and I have to say, your last photo here - your choice of framing - is indeed original! Very nice work - both of you - especially in view of the local wildlife! Love your description of the flies. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Lighthouses always make me think of ancient ships and shipwrecks. I often wonder how many sailors have given thanks for that lifesaving beacon. Love the black and white photo of the stairs.