Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Shoot out in Dallas West End

Elena suggested that we should get out with the cameras somewhere we haven’t shot in a while.  Mainly to self test our new knowledge acquired from the variety of classes recently taken.

So we decided on downtown Dallas.  Okay partner, this town isn’t big enough for two Canon DLSRs, we will have a shoot out on Main St at dawn.  Now, imagine a little Italian Western music, a western street devoid of activity, two stern faced gunslingers with Canon DLSR’s on their hips.  It didn’t take long, once the gun smoke cleared, only one shooter was left standing…and it wasn’t me. 

I got smoked!!!  Elena’s keen eye saw so many shots before I even decided whether to go shutter or aperture priority.  Enjoy these shots, we suffered for our art this time.  Even though the temperature was in the low 80’s, the humidity had to be above 80%.  Try composing your shot, yourself while sweat is running down your back and down your nose.  Not a pretty picture. 

Elena performed her magic and shazzam, interesting pictures.  One place we found that tickled our funny bone was “the Heart Attack Café.”  Who ever did the concept on this had a sense of humor akin to mine.  Look for those pictures.  Readers! If you happen to exceed 350 lbs., you can eat for FREE at The Heart Attack Café.


  1. Fab shots and I look forward to seeing the next level of processing!

  2. You both done good! Russ, I particularly liked your black and white image of the building (clean, sparkling, very much YOU), and Elena, the spiral staircase is terrific (well seen and beautifully composed). What an appealing blend of both of your talents. --Carol Leigh

  3. Carol,
    Thank you for the kind words. I needed that...Elena absolutely smoked me this time. I love the pictures Elena chose to share, a wonderful mix of overview and detail. We miss you guys.

  4. Thank you Marie,
    I intentionally did not add any textures, but I used a different kind of processing this time - luminosity masks, it makes all the difference.


  5. Thank you Carol,

    Your opinion is really precious for me.


  6. Hello Elena & Russ. These are all wonderful photos. I'm laughing - not only does the Heart Attack Grill offer free meals to anyone over 350 pounds, but it looks like they are anticipating problems. I noticed the sign out front: Now Hiring Nurses.

    The photo that intrigues me is the one with the cypress(?) trees and the high ochre colored wall. Also a beautiful photo - but seems like it's from a different place entirely. Far, far away! Morocco maybe??? It works really well with the OASIS sign!

  7. Thank you Sharon!

    Isn't it interesting what the light can do?
    The rich golden yellow magically turns an ordinary wall into something out of this world.
    Thank you for noticing this!