Saturday, 16 July 2011


What a find was this place!  You get out of your car and set your watch back 250 years.  I was struck by the excellent condition of the original structures, especially the little details like a door lock.  This lock had a faceplate nailed in place by hand forged nails and the mechanism was essentially as it was when made in Spain many years ago.
Then after you have set your mind to a different era, you start to notice really strange things.  Like the Church exterior, including the bell tower, the roof peak cross and the exterior ladders were all wrapped in strings of white lights. 
Chimayo is a special place for persons of faith.  Legend has it that 200 years ago a crucifix was discovered in the ground.  Upon discovery, healings began and a small chapel was constructed over the blessed dirt in 1816.  Pilgrims arrive daily to pay homage resulting in a bustling plaza business in blessed dirt and more practical items like chili powder, tin items, woven goods, wood carvings and wonderfully interesting paintings of saints on wooden planks.  Elena and I couldn’t resist the charm of the place and purchased a selection of chili powders and other local spices which now are integral ingredients in my locally famous chicken fajitas.
Once again, “kudos” to Carol & Chris for including Chimayo as a must see place while in Santa Fe.  It is accessible from the “high road to Taos.”   If you are ever visiting Santa Fe, put Chimayo on your must visit list.

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