Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A new direction

Painting in Photoshop class gave me so many ideas about new directions I can explore.
First, I started with the revision of some of my old photomontages.
 Sometimes when you use different blending modes to combine multiple layers the colors get out of control in a “not good” way.  Now, by using the painting techniques (color mixing brushes, art history brushes) I have full control over colors and textures.
Also, when printing a large size print you are limited with the original file resolution. Not anymore, painting over the image allows you to enlarge it up to 500% with no visible pixilation. Here are three of my old photomontages altered by painting in Photoshop and a new one created with the same technique.

"Transit of Venus"

I also have a number of photographs of old abandoned shacks, and I started to think about giving them new life after visiting a photo exhibition “From Russia with love” where I saw a series of photographs of old Russian “dachas”, masterly done but somewhat depressing.  I’m thinking about using the shapes of the shacks and treating them with color. 

Here is a rough example of how I’m going to do this, and I already see how this concept may develop into a more complex work. Cannot wait to get my hands over the Wacom tablet.


  1. Hello Elena, (again! late again - my blogger list has malfunctioned.) I love these images! The colors are vibrant and gorgeous. The movement the forms create is wonderful. I can't pick a favorite - each one is its own incredible world. Wow!

  2. Thank you Sharon,

    Your comments are always so encouraging!