Sunday, 3 June 2012

Painting in Photoshop, week 3

This week we used mixer brushes to create painterly effect in landscapes and portraits.
It is amazing how many powerful tools  there are in Photoshop, and it is so great finally to be able to use them.

Astoria, Oregon

Park in Puskin, suburbs of St Petersburg, Russia

I took this  photograph in Moscow, Russia


  1. Hello Elena, these images are wonderful! They do have a painterly feel to them. I love the middle one, but all three are lovely.

    I have been having some problems leaving comments - the on-going Blogger/word puzzle story. I just want to say I have totally enjoyed your photos and posts about your trip to Russia. Tremendously wonderful. Thank you for sharing them!

  2. Hello Sharon! Thank you for the comment. Yes, I know, sometimes Blogger is not cooperating at all.
    The trip to Russia was just wonderful, I'm still working on my photographs.