Saturday, 4 February 2012

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

This week, while at the Plano Arts Association exhibition, we saw a really nice Margaret Hunt Hill bridge photo taken by Gaby Pruit.  By the way, if you haven’t visited the Plano Arts Association on 18th in Plano, look it up and check it out.

On Sunday, inspired by Gaby Pruit’s image, we decided to check the progress of the bridge construction.  The bridge is accessible on foot only.  We had the bridge to ourselves!  We could set up our tripods right in the middle lane.  Wow!  This meant we had the freedom to walk back and forth to find that perfect angle.  An added bonus was we had an unfettered view of the Dallas skyline from the bridge. 

We arrived in the late afternoon so we had rapidly changing lighting conditions.  That was fun because we had the room to lay out our equipment to take advantage of every opportunity.  Once in awhile we would encounter another pedestrian or a photographer who like us, was amazed by the shared good luck.

Now we want to go back in the predawn hours to catch some night lighting and then dawn lighting.  We also want to return in about 9 days in the evening to catch a full moon rise over the city through the bridge.  This is a once in lifetime opportunity and we are excited.  We hope it is reflected in our pictures.

Enjoy our 1st cut.

Dallas downtown skyline, view from the bridge

You may see more pictures here:

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