Sunday, 4 December 2011

Fort Stevens

Near Astoria is Fort Stevens.  It is one of three forts establish to protect the entrance of the Columbia River.  Since the civil war, the Columbia has had significant roles in our nation’s various war efforts.  Fort Stevens was an artillery facility which means several bunkered cannon emplacements. 

Fort Stevens was the only facility in the lower 48 that was shelled by the Japanese during the war.  Fortunately, the only casualty was the softball backstop.  However, the incident created the inspiration a generation later to create the film, “1941.”

Now, the fort is a state park and a treasure of photo opportunities.  We could have spent several days here just exploring and shooting.  Here is a few of images.


  1. Elena and Russ, I almost missed these - and that would have been sad, indeed. Amazing photos, wonderful images. You've found such beauty in a place one wouldn't think to look. There is a somber essence here which is so evocative. Truly amazing.

  2. Thank you Sharon,

    You are right, once you learn how to see, you start looking in the places like this one and you find amazing things.