Sunday, 7 August 2011

Historic Route 66

When the Interstate by-passes your town.

Route 66 conjures up images for all of us.  For some, it may be the TV show from the sixties.  Others it may be one of the many songs written about Route 66.  For us, like thousands of others, it is the photo opportunities to capture the stylistic signage from the golden days of motor travel. 

Much of Route 66 is gone but you can still find remnants in eastern New Mexico and the Texas panhandle. 

We had such a good time.  Sometimes we couldn’t drive a block without stopping to take more pictures.  Other times, we were so heat beat that we would hang our heads out the car window and snap a picture. 

The irony is sometimes you could hear the traffic noise from the Interstate while you are taking pictures of abandoned businesses on Route 66.  This is our homage to those wonderful business signs.

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