Sunday, 20 March 2011

She seemed the lady of leisure...

This month for Crusade # 49 we had to document everything about ourselves and our interests.
I decided to focus on my gardening obsession. Every spring the gardening bug hits me, and though every year I swear to myself to stop digging and start enjoying things that are already growing, the story goes on and on. All of my life, I love the experience of turning dirt with a shovel, planting the seeds and watching the miracle of life. This activity continues to take a significant portion of my free time even here in Texas. Spring in Texas brings marvelous results. Unfortunately, the summer heat and ravenous invertebrates dampen the joy but still, each Spring I look forward to the smell of freshly turned dirt. Hence: “She seemed the lady of leisure, but her hands shrieked- GARDENING”
For this journal spread I photoshoped my photograph into the portrait of Marie-Antoinette. And how could I not use a tutorial provided by Michelle to make these poppies, while waiting for the real ones to bloom.

Thanks Michelle.


  1. Okay, those flowers POP (hehe), and I love these colors. What a bold couple of pages. Bling is something I want to work more on, and you've really inspired.

    Thanks for sharing your passion!

  2. Such fun! Love the flowers & your portrait.

    May Spring bring you enough joy to last through the heat of Summer.

  3. Elena - beautiful spread. Love your poppies :) Fun portrait too. Loved learning that gardening is your passion, and that you are addicted to the smells and bounties given to us by the earth. I am jealous you will get to garden in Texas before us here in NJ. (snow expected this week) Thanks for sharing with the team!

  4. Thank you Christina, Daisy and Michelle!
    Snow???? BRRRR...I'd rather have heat, Texas spoils.

  5. Beautiful pages! Oh your poppies are gorgeous and I love your 'portrait' Happy Spring to you from Georgia where everything is starting to bloom - lots of pollen, too!

  6. Super pages, I love the way you put it all together. The earth smells different in each location. Most fragrent after a rain.

  7. This is fabulous. I've just bought myself the Stampington Marie Antoinette magazine, so your 'portrait' really caught my eye. I'm no gardener but admire other people's ability to grow beautiful things.

  8. Thank you,
    ehelena, cathsheard and Sharon!